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Marvin Brangman & The Kaolean Machine win BC at The AERC National 100 Mile Championship

July 30th, 2021


Welcome to

Episode 46 of

Endurance Horse Podcast 


Marvin Brangman and The Kaolean Machine win BC at

The AERC National 100 Mile Championship

Created by: Christina Hyke

July 29th 2021



In this episode of Endurance Horse Podcast we sit down to talk with Marvin Brangman.  Marvin is a minister, devoted husband, horse trainer and endurance rider.  This June at the AERC National 100 Mile Championship Marvin and his mount, The Kaolean Machine aka Percy, journeyed their way to a fourth place finish and Best Condition.  


Listen in to this conversation as we chat about how he found horses, faith, endurance and his advise for conditioning not only your horse, though yourself also.  

Without further ado, I bring to you, episode 46 of Endurance Horse Podcast


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From Christina: 

Cheers & Happy Trails!

Ride far.  Ride well.  Ride often.  

Every Mile a Memory


CONGRATULATIONS Marvin Brangman & The Kaolean Machine on

being awarded BC at the 2021 AERC National Championship @ Fort Howes/Montana. 


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