Endurance Horse Podcast

Endurance Horse Podcast is a way to bring endurance riders together across the globe.

the Houdini Intro

March 14th, 2018

I am in the process of setting up the podcast and this is litterally the recording from the moment I had the idea.  No, there is no intro yet, no magical music intro yet, just me an a horse.  I wanted to publish just this short intro, and say hello & this is what we are hoping for, to hear from riders across the globe!  To listen to your story and share our own.  Now, I simply need some wonderful volunteers to send in a recording! Thank you to Jen for being the first one to send in her audio! Now can I persuade 10 more of you? It can be from anywhere, at the barn or from the couch! What do we want to hear? Introduce yourself, where you are from, tell us a bit about your horse(s) and your goals for the year. Maybe even give a tip on what to pack in your trailer for a long weekend away from home! What I really want to get to is who you are, what the riding is like, maybe your favorite trail and lots about your horse & what you love about him or her. I'd love to hear what you are working on this season and how it is going. Then the next month episode you can send in an update and by then maybe even a report from your favorite endurance ride!!! This could be so awesome! Please fill up my brand new email box with loads of voice recording: