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Lynn Atcheson and Banner - Tevis 2021

December 23rd, 2021

Episode 51


Endurance Horse Podcast

Lynn Atcheson & Banner 

Tevis 2021 

created by: Christina Hyke

December 23, 2021


We are soon wrapping up our 4th year of  YEAR of ENDURANCE HORSE PODCAST and trotting on strongly into 2022, year 5!  

Endurance Horse Podcast first aired in March of 2018,  we have averaged 12 episodes per year and have stayed free and commercial free for our listeners. And most importantly I hope Endurance Horse Podcast is known as a place on the airwaves that always champions the horse and rider no matter which place they come in.  I know the AERC motto is To finish is to Win, though I believe to saddle up and to show up takes courage and I will always champion you for trying, for daring to place your heart and your horse at the starting line. 


Wooohooo!  Is all I can say about wrapping up the past 4 years of podcasting!  We are at over 40,000 downloads! I honestly remember being in awe when we reached 256 downloads!  It seems the podcast has filled a niche for riders who love to go the distance and spend time out in nature with their horses, those who love the process of conditioning, camping and making memories together.   As my friend Mary Ellen always says, every mile a smile! 


 It is always a joy to get to talk with Tevis riders, and especially one that so many of our WARHORSE Endurance family were following on the Tevis 2021 online tracker.  Can you imagine being 2 miles from the finish line and having to pull?  That is what happened to our next guest, Lynn Atcheson of Washington State.  Lynn’s horse, Banner has a distinctive look with his bright coloring and roached mane, I have admired his photos on facebook for sometime and all the beautiful images Lynn shares of him. I was surprised to learn that he is 21 years old!   I was cheering for them watching the online tracker provided by Tevis.  Their ride took a turn for the worse and the official miles they accomplished that day were just shy of 98.  Can you imagine pulling that close to the finish line?


You are invited to listen in while Lynn and I chat about how she got into horses, endurance and her 2021 Tevis ride.


Without further ado, I bring to you, episode 51 of Endurance Horse Podcast: 



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Lynn Atcheson, Washington, USA

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Signing off for now, and until next time- remember- Ride Far, Ride well, Ride Often

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