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Episode 1.0 Endurance Horse Podcast

March 27th, 2018

Endurance Horse Podcast -Episode 1



Welcome to Episode 1 of Endurance Horse Podcast


In this first episode we are going to hear from some fascinating

People from around the world.  From Jen with her beautiful paint horse and her fabulous mini to all the way across the pond to Daryl who is headed to the National Championships, and she promises to send an update, so look for that in a future episode.


Not bad for our first time, we have 8 breeds of horses represented, 16 riders and 4 countries.  That is pretty good for a first episode, am I right?


Here is some additional good content from these wonderful endurance riders that submitted to this first episode:


Jen & Kricket

Bella Fricker Endurance

Brittney & Fizz on Instagram as #littlefizzy 

Darice Whyte- Twisted Horse Tales

Midwest Distance Driving Association

American Standardbred Adoption Program


And if you would like to check out my photography page:



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Until episode #2

I wish you all happy trails!  Ride far, ride well, ride often.