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Episode 20 Endurance Horse Podcast

July 13th, 2019

Endurance Horse Podcast - Episode 20 



Welcome to Episode 20 of the Endurance Horse Podcast


Publishing July 13, 2019. 

Happy 27th Anniversary of our first date Jim!


Episode 20 will bring us updates from our wonderful friend, Darice Whyte, in Canada.  She brings us news from the Maah Daah Hey Ride in North Dakota.   Mollie Quiroz from California brings us a pre Tom Quilty introduction before she heads out for Australia, and much more.


Thanks to all the riders who sent in, we have another great collection of ride stories.  Head on over to our facebook group to connect with more of the story through the images/videos that riders share there.  


Without further ado, I bring to you episode 20 of Endurance Horse Podcast, may you be encouraged, inspired and find a few riders you can relate to or at the very least, laugh with!  Please let me know how you are enjoying the podcast by sending us an email.  


Check out the links provided in the show notes as they have additional links to resources that relate to riders or events mentioned in the podcast.


Email your audio stories to endurancehorsepodcast@gmail.com 

Ideally the files should be from two to 7 minutes in length. 





Darice Whyte Manitoba, Canada


Twisted Tales (Arabian Horse World)

Maah Daah Hey Endurance Ride on Facebook

Maa Daah Hey 2019 Ride Flyer 



Mollie Quiroz California, USA

 Mollie’s Tevis Story In East Bay Times

Tom Quilty Gold Cup 2019










Cassadee Jaksch Colorado, USA

  Strawberry Fields XP






Victoria Clark Toowoomba, Australia 

Marvel Endurance

Marvel Endurance on Facebook

Tom Quilty Gold Cup







Jose Luis Flores Puebla City, Mexico

   Endurance Mexico

   Endurance Mexico on Facebook





Dante Fourie LaPierre North Dakota, USA










Bridget Brown  England

Cairngorm 100

Cairngorm 100 on Facebook








Binky Tunny Wisconsin, USA


Endless Valley






Christina Hyke Wisconsin, USA 

        Creator of Endurance Horse Podcast 

                     Christina’s Photography 


                     Endurance Horse Podcast

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 About the creator of the Endurance Horse Podcast:

Christina Hyke lives in southern Wisconsin with her sweet husband, Jim.  Chris is an equine & pet photographer who also happens to love the trails and distance riding.  Chris and Jim also donate photography sessions to area  rescues/humane societies, and Chris teaches photography to local 4H members. She enjoys the little things in life, because she believes it really is the little things that are the big things.

 It was the love of covering miles through beautiful territory on good horses that inspired her to create a podcast about it to share stories with other riders from around the world. 


Email your audio stories to endurancehorsepodcast@gmail.com 


Ideally the files should be from two to 7 minutes in length. 




 Cheers & Happy Trails!

~Christina & Houdini~










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