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Episode 5.0 Endurance Horse Podcast

July 4th, 2018

Endurance Horse Podcast

Episode 5


Welcome to Episode 5 of Endurance Horse Podcast

Hosted by Christina Hyke

Sponsored by Christina Hyke Photography, LLC


Welcome to Episode 5!  Today is July 4th 2018.  In the United States it is a time for family and friends to get together, cook out and celebrate.  There will be parades, festivals and fireworks.  Today we are heading to a race to cheer on two of our older sons in the Whippet City Mile run that is right before the start of the 4th of July Parade, then out to the lake to enjoy a barbecue with my brother and family.  Though, since many of you maybe traveling this weekend, I thought it a good day to get episode 5 galloping out onto the airwaves.  So, here you go and I hope you enjoy the audios, I hope you find inspiration, laughter, joy, encouragement, empathy and most of all a feeling of all being a part of the same journey and the most I wish for you is that you enjoy the ride. 


Thank you to everyone who made it possible for this episode to be pulled together, and especially to two wonderful midwestern women, Laurie and Beth.  Both ladies ride in the Midwest region of the US, both are from WI and I have had the privilege of chatting with both of them on the trails.  When I needed two more files to complete this episode it was Beth that was first to answer the call, and then she suggested Laurie, whom I have met on the trail- and she is truly a ray of sunshine.  I am so glad that I waited and got the audios from these two midwestern treasures.  

Thank you to everyone who took the time to send in.  To all of you who send files in, I know how busy everyone is- thank you for helping me create this podcast and share the world of endurance riding and bringing together riders from across the globe.  


When I started this podcast I had the idea that it would be a positive in the endurance world, focusing us on what brings us together- the love of a good horse and a beautiful trail, the challenges we face, the goals we set and maybe above all- that we see that, as riders, and really, as people, we all have a lot more in common than not.  And just maybe, this podcast would even bring some of us closer together online & in real life.  


On June 8th, my mother’s birthday, I saw a share worthy post and shared it. The post was from Potato Richardson, and that he had a horse available for Tevis- I shared the post on the Endurance Horse Podcast.  


One of the riders in the Endurance Horse Podcast group saw the opportunity and landed the ride on the horse.   I know several of you are going to Tevis and it would be amazing if some of you got together around an actual campfire or met each other at the ride meetings.  



Here is some additional good content from these wonderful endurance riders that submitted to Episode 5:


Jane Moss

The Shepherd Center


World Equestrian Games 2018


Beth Frieders

Endless Valley Endurance Ride 2018


Jenny Chandler

Tevis Cup

Fort Howes Endurance Ride


Kat of Marvel Endurance:

Marvel Endurance 

Marvel Endurance Facebook

Nanango Endurance Ride


Melissa Coolich

Coolich Endurance 


Glacier Trails 2018

ApDra 2018


Bec Radny

West Coast Arabians


Sharon Andrews

Welcome Arabians

Caja del Rio Endurance Ride

Fort Stanton Endurance Ride





Keisha Wood

Don’t Forget to Hold On

Caja del Rio Endurance Ride

Fort Stanton Endurance Ride


Green Bean Endurance Team


Daryl Owen

The Distance




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Thank you for listening to Episode 5! I hope you share this with your friends and grow with us. 


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Life is a journey, enjoy the ride.

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