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Lori Oleson - Tevis 2021

December 28th, 2021

Welcome to

Episode 54 of

Endurance Horse Podcast 

Lori Oleson - Tevis 2021

Created by: Christina Hyke

December 28th 2021



Welcome to Episode 54 of Endurance Horse Podcast. 


Endurance Rider and author Lori Oleson shares about how she got into horses and her 2021 Tevis completion with her horse, Fargo.  This was Lori’s fourth Tevis completion and Fargo’s first 100 ride.  Lori and Fargo finished 27th overall in the 2021 Tevis.  Lori has a lifelong love for horses and has logged over 14,000 miles in competition.  


Lori Oleson California, USA

Lori is the author of: 

Endurance Years Gone By 

and also author of:

Enduring Memories 

Lori's books can be found by shopping for them on Amazon. 


 Photo credit to Bill Gore: 

Cougar Rock bypass.   



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Christina Hyke, creator of Endurance Horse Podcast and WARHORSE Endurance Challenges.  In 2021 Wisconsin State Horse Council named Christina ‘Horse Person of the Year’ for her philanthropy, her work with Endurance Horse Podcast and WARHORSE Endurance Challenges.   The previous year Endurance Horse Podcast won an international award given by Equus Film and Arts Festival.  

Chris lives in southern Wisconsin with her sweet husband, Jim and their children.  She has always loved the trails and spent every moment she could spare out riding for as long as she can remember.


It was the love of covering miles through beautiful territory hiking, running and riding on good horses that inspired her to create both Endurance Horse Podcast and WARHORSE Endurance as places where riders for riders to share stories with others from around the world. 




 Ride far.   Ride well.   Ride often.  

Cheers & Happy Trails!



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