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Natalie Law & Mo Motion Jack - Tevis Cup 2021

August 20th, 2021

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Natalie Law & Mo Motion Jack

Created by: Christina Hyke

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 Today on Endurance Horse Podcast we are talking with Natalie Law  of Utah who completed the 2021 Tevis Cup with her 16.3 hh Saddlebred gelding, affectionately known as Brave, registered name, Mo Motion Jack.   Natalie also rode along side her 12 year old daughter, Kyla Law who was riding one of the most recognizable equines at the 2021 Tevis Cup aboard her 11.2 hh Hackney Pony known world wide now as Flash, his registered name is Piece of Perfection.  


This mother / daughter team finished a very respectable 36th and 37th in the 2021 Tevis Cup aboard what is arguably non traditional endurance horse and pony.  Natalie will tell you that Flash was Brave’s emotional support pony and also share some excitement about a rattler that Flash encountered out on the trail pre ride!   Join me with welcoming Natalie Law to episode 47 Endurance Horse Podcast! 




Natalie Law Utah, USA



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Christina Hyke is 2021 Wisconsin Horse Person of the Year, creator of award winning Endurance Horse Podcast and the WARHORSE Endurance Challenges.  Christina lives in Southern Wisconsin with her husband, Jim and their two children.  She is an equine photographer who loves the trails riding or hiking. 

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