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Rider Health Part Two

February 5th, 2020

Welcome to Part Two-

Itty Bitty Naughty Kitty


(You will understand after the intro why there is a kitten pic)

Focused on Rider Health

Endurance Horse Podcast




Created February 4, 2020

Welcome to episode 33  of Endurance Horse Podcast!     

This topic has been a popular one, and I am having to expand it to a

second part and now a part three putting together soon.   We are chatting about everything from overcoming injures, dealing with illnesses,  how horses are therapist and yes, some about rider fitness & emotional health.  Jim joins me for the intro of the podcast & we try to share a walk down memory lane sharing how horses have affected our lives—- though Itty Bitty Naughty Kitty kept biting my feet, take a listen, you will see…we do love Bitty, even when he’s naughty.  


There is a bit more about fitness aspect of rider health, and more about horses as therapy. 

Sit back, hold on and enjoy the ride!


Welcome to Episode 33 of Endurance Horse Podcast!

~Christina Hyke~

Cheers to the first episode of 2020!



Ann Usher Wisconsin, USA

Location of our interview, one of my favorite places in Eagle, WI-

1863 Cafe Saloon

1863 Cafe on Facebook



Sandy Sickles Wisconsin, USA



Julie Valeoo Mongolia

Valeoo Foundation

Horse Trek Mongolia

@Veloo Foundation






Carrie Baris

Ride & Tie

Ride & Tie on Facebook



Jose Flores Mexico

Endurance Mexico

Endurance Mexico on Facebook

IT Band Stretches- 

Youtube Video to show the stretches




Dr. Mel Newton California, USA

The Running, Riding, Writing Veterinarian

Dr. Mel Newton

Dr. Mel on Facebook




Johnny_Terrell84634350_202295100823218_5904045942696312832_n.jpg Johnny_Terrell84355815_193588608683948_1699438290383405056_n.jpg

Johnny Terrell Arkansa, USA

Horses & Heroes Transcend   

Horses & Heroes Transcend on Facebook





Wendy_KonicheckIMG_5520.jpg Wendy_KonicheckIMG_5521.jpg Wendy_KonicheckIMG_5522.jpg

Wendy Konicheck

Horse Power Healing Center in Eagle, WI

Horse Power Healing Center on Facebook



Allison Chase Wisconsin, USA

Horse Power Healing Center in Eagle, WI

Horse Power Healing Center on Facebook




WARHORSE Endurance







 Christina ‘Send me filesHyke Wisconsin, USA 

        Creator of Endurance Horse Podcast 


 Endurance Horse Podcast

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Christina Hyke, creator of Endurance Horse Podcast, lives in southern Wisconsin with her sweet husband, Jim.  

Chris is an equine & pet photographer, and Ride Manager of WARHORSE Endurance.  She has always loved the trails and spent every moment she could riding since before she could walk.   It was the love of covering miles through beautiful territory on good horses that inspired her to create a podcast about it to share stories with other riders from around the world. 




 Cheers & Happy Trails!



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