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Rider Option Pulls Episode 6 Endurance Horse Podcast

July 7th, 2018

Hello & welcome to Endurance Horse Podcast!


This episode is the first topic specific episode of the

Endurance Horse Podcast.  In this episode riders are sharing stories on the topic of what we call here 

in the US, a Rider Option pull.  A Rider Option pull is when your horse has successfully gone

through the vetting process, though you feel that for some reason, you should not go on.  In other countries this is called a ‘Withdrawl’.


At the end of the podcast I will share about two times when I decided

to Rider Option, once on Faith in 2016 and once on Mandate for Gold in 2011.   


Sometimes the stories we share on the podcast are fun and uplifting, so it did give me a bit of a pause to decide to tackle a not so uplifting aspect of Endurance riding, stories about the days when things did not go as planned.  


We share the Rider Option stories in Episode 6 in hopes that we will give courage to someone who in the future who maybe faced with that feeling that something just isn’t right with their horse in hopes that the stories you hear here today will help you make that choice if there is ever a day when you are faced with that nagging feeling in your gut, even though all seems to be okay on the outside.  I also hope that this episode will lend peace of mind to some of you who had decided to withdraw, or not start a ride- that you made the right decision. 


In any case, at some point or another- if you ride long enough- there is a chance there will

Be a day when you just are not sure.  Yes, to finish is to win, though somedays it is best to stop, play it safe and follow your gut instinct.



Thank you to the riders who were willing to share your stories that were difficult to share.


Without further ado, I bring to you episode 6 of the Endurance Horse podcast. 


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