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Tevis 2018 Part 1: Episode 9 ERIN GLASSMAN - Jenny Chandler WHITNEY WEST Sarah Rinne KAREN CHATON Tennessee Lane

August 29th, 2018

Endurance Horse Podcast Episode 9

Featuring Tevis 2018 Part 1


ERIN GLASSMAN PS  Arikaree Bask (Rio)

Erin's Blog


Jenny Chandler and SMR Filouette


WHITNEY WEST and AWC Aquavit (Aqua)

For more on Whitney and Aqua look up

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Sarah Rinne and Silver Valley Tate (Tate)

Team Tate

Rinne Hay Service

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Tennessee Lane and TM Burning Bridges (Bluff)

SoCo Endurance

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Remuda Run

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Tevis 2018 Part 1 Episode 9 of the Endurance Horse Podcast

is being published the 29th of August 2018

This is one of two espisodes with the featured audio files being those from Tevis.  


The song towards the end is by Mary Ann Kennedy.

Mary Ann gave us permission to share her songs on the podcast. Mary Ann's songs are sold on iTunes.  Please visit her site Mary Ann Kennedy she caters to the equine world.

Right after the song by Mary Ann Kennedy you will hear my Ride Report with my special friend, Tara Leroy where we try out some new phone tech to record a phone call between the two of us.  Of course we had to wait until we had a quiet moment after chores were done (though quite honestly, probably not dishes), kids were to bed and husbands tucked in  bed too.  

We had a chance to remember the ride we had just a few short weeks ago at the Louise Riedel Memorial Bra Buster ride. The story goes that something had been lost on the trail; Louise took her bra off to mark the spot where it had been lost.  Though I never knew Louise; I know she was a horsewoman with over 17,000 AERC miles and she is sorely missed by her friends who host this ride in her honor.  


It seems so fitting that this ride- that is in memory of a friendship- should be the ride first ride that Tara & I completed together.  

Another bit of trivia- both Jr and Mariah were the first horses that Tara or I had bred.  Very different horses; though still just one of the many things that made Bra Buster 2018 special to both of us. Jr is 15 and Mariah is 14.  Jr (Mandate for Gold) is a Georgian Grande (Saddlebred x Belgian draft) and Mariah Moment is Anglo-Arabian (TB x Arabian).  Yes, we were quite the odd pair trotting down the trails!

I hope you enjoy the show notes for links to websites and also to blogs!

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